Why choose Crédit Auto Go?

  • We have been in the car loan business since 1984
  • For our knowledge in car financing and our competitive interest rates
  • We have many partnerships with important financial institutions
  • We have the right vehicle for you in our own car dealership
  • We accept financing files that others won’t
  • We can help you acquire a loan at the best rate in 1st, 2nd or 3rd chance credit.

How to get a car, SUV or truck loan with Crédit Auto Go?

There are usually 5 steps to obtain a car loan:
1- Online financing application
2- verification of your credit file to evaluate your debt level and your reimbursement capacity. This is where we make a financing offer for 1st, 2nd or 3rd chance. 
3- We help you get in touch with a financial institution to obtain a loan
4- Delivery of the new vehicle of appointment for you to pick it up.

What is the interest rate for a car loan?

Your credit file, the type of car you wish to purchase, the amount of money you need, the amount of your part-payment, the credit you get (1st 2nd or 3rd) are many aspects that will affect your interest rate. Feel free to apply for financing if you wish to know which rate will apply to your loan.

Are there any fees to make a financing application?

Of course not, online financing applications are free and secured, so are the email or phone communications.

Why doesn’t Crédit Auto Go have an online inventory of all its vehicles?

We chose not to do it in your interest for 3 simple reasons:

  1. Constant turnover. We receive and sell many vehicle each week, we often sell a vehicle a few hours only after its reception. We want to avoid having sold vehicles on our website. However, if you contact us, we will gladly inform you on our available vehicles.
  2. Quality of service. We wish to spend all our energy to help you in getting a loan and purchase a vehicle, no matter your financial situation. Keeping an updated inventory takes precious time that we’d rather invest in helping you.
  3. We want to avoid potential disappointment. We have a vast amount of vehicles available in all price range. We can imagine how disappointed you would be to find a vehicle you can’t afford. This is why we want to show you a selection of only vehicles that correspond your financial situation. We want every client to benefit a personalized experience.

How does a car, SUV or truck loan work?

The money loaned for a car is exclusively reserved to finance the purchase of a car, whether it’s a used car or a brand new one. After being allowed a loan, you can use the amount to finalize the purchase of a vehicle we have previously identified for you. We can help you find the perfect car for you. We have our own dealership, which allows us to offer the most adapted vehicle for your financial situation.

Can I make more than one car loan application at the same time with different companies?

We strongly recommend against it knowing every refsal will weaken your credit score. If you have a bad credit file, most financial institution will not grant you a car loan. That’s why we recommend you come to Crédit Auto Go because we analyze every situation and because we are specialists in 1st 2nd and 3rd chance credit. Better safe than sorry!

Can you finance expatriates?

Absolutely! We are aware that an application from an expatriate is different from the one from a salaried worker. We have partnerships with financial institutions that specialize in that kind of loans, even if you don’t have a credit file yet. Please contact us or apply for a car loan online.

Can I obtain car financing if I am in consumer proposal?

Yes! No matter your situation, Crédit Auto Go thinks it’s very important to be able to own a car. We will thoroughly analyze your file to help you get the most adapted car loan for your situation, even if you have been in a consumer proposal for more than 3 months. We have allowed many clients in that situation obtain a vehicle and rebuild their credit file! 

What to do if my question is not in Crédit Auto GO’s FAQ?

Don’t worry! Our staff is always available to answer your questions. You call us at 1-833-645-4646 (GOGO - toll free number) by email at info@creditautogo.com or at (514) 518-5114 (regular number) or by fax at (514) 640-9449.

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