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Knowing a car’s history: a most important step in purchasing a used car!


The accident history of a car, the CAMVAP, amongst other aspects to verify.

Knowing you future car’s history  will allow you to know  where your potential car comes from, its maintenance history and the number of owners it has had. But this is not all!
We suggest you investigate as many aspects you can to validate the purchase of your car. Nothing can replace your intuition and your first impression but you still need to validate a few things.

  1. Check if the vehicle was stolen
  2. Check if it has been in an accident or rebuilt
  3. Make sure it has no passive at CAMVAP (Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan). This is a program where disputes between consumer and vehicle manufacturers that result from alleged manufacturing defects is put before a neutral third party. You want to avoid that!

Where to obtain a car’s history?

At SAAQ (Société de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec) filling this form with a $12.50 cheque. You can also pay with a postal money order to the SAAQ, You can also visit a point of service and pay with cash or debit card (consult modalities). This history will give you information about the car’s last owners and to validate its mileage.

The car dealership that sold the brand new vehicle should also be able to give you information about its maintenance or repairs it has had.

If you are willing to spend a little more, you can contact companies like CARFAX. They will give you many more information for about fifty canadian dollars: police reports, appraisal of damage, potential theft declaration, any important related file, history of fines (so you don’t pay for the previous owner).

What to avoid?

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